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Bar Snack Menu


Indian in Hikka Rs. 400 nett
(Crispy fried onion bhaji served with mint sauce)


Hot Chilli Fries Rs. 400 nett
(French Fries sprinkled with local chilli powder and infused with curry leaves)


Other Side of Potato Rs. 400 nett
(Potato wedges fried until golden brown served with garlic mayonnaise sauce)


Vegetable Treat for Me Rs. 400 nett
(Fried vegetable rolls with tomato & chilli sauce)


Hikka style Cheese toast – Rs. 550 nett
(A chef’s specialty. Lightly spiced toast topped with cheese, onion, green chili)


Fit & Healthy – Rs. 400 nett
(Seasonal Sri Lankan Vegetables Served with cucumber dill Greek yogurt dip)


Cashew Threesome – Rs. 1500 nett
(A must try in Sri Lanka. A combination of Sweet chili cashew, lime and chili cashew & Devilled cashew served separately to enjoy)



Pizza a ala home-made
Pizza Margarita – Rs. 950 nett
(Pizza topped with Italian tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese


Hikka pizza – Rs. 1200 nett
(Topped with Sea food, tomato & mozzarella cheese)


Sundown Chicken pizza – Rs. 950 nett
(Roasted chicken flakes topped with mozzarella cheese)



Hikka Sea food


The Prince of the sea – Rs. 950 nett
(Crispy batter fried prawns served with sweet lime & chili sauce)


‘Sappara’ crumbed fried fish Goujon with tartar sauce – Rs. 750 nett
(Crispy fried Sappara fish fingers served with tartar sauce)


Hot butter cuttlefish – Rs. 750 nett
(Crispy fried cuttlefish tossed with onion, capsicum & hot butter sauce)


“Machang” Kankun, beef – Rs. 750 nett
(A favorite among our guests. A great combination of kankung, beef stir fried and tossed with garlic and soya sauce)


Seafood Mafia – Rs. 1700 nett
(Batter fried prawns, hot butter cuttle fish, Devilled fish, French fries Served with
Tarta sauce, lime & chilli sauce & Thai sauce)


HFC Chicken – Rs. 400 nett
(Crispy fried chicken served with sweet chili sauce)




Typical Hikka  


Koththu roti hikka style – Chicken Rs. 750 nett Prawn – Rs. 1350 nett
(choice of chicken or seafood or prawns)


Street food platter – Rs. 750 nett
(Samosa, chicken roll & wadai)


Hot, hot devils – Chicken – Rs. 650 nett Prawn – Rs. 1000 nett Cuttle fish – Rs. 750 nett – Pork – 700 nett
(Choice of chicken/ prawns/ Pork / cuttle fish)


Hikka Hikka Hikka – Rs. 400 nett
(A must try Combination of fish cutlets, hikka chicken and devilled pork served with coriander & lime sauce & sweet chili sauce)