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Getaway to Hikka

  Get some tan this season in the sunny beaches while adrenaline pumps in the blood with all the adventure Hikka has for you. Enjoy some spirit sitting around for some mouthwatering BBQ feast. We are ready to offer you the perfect Hikka getaway that you’ll remember for the longest time. Enjoy everything Hikka is

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A culinary journey of Sri Lankan street food

Immerse yourself in real local life and visit one of the liveliest streets of the market. See where locals love to buy their favourite ingredients and stroll through the hustle and bustle. Sri Lankan meals have gained global popularity with their blend of fiery spices, creamy curries, rich flavours and unique textures. The scrumptious dishes

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Potential of Tea Tourism for Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea and Tourism are amongst the top five foreign income earners in Sri Lanka and their synergy is poised to create refreshing unique experience. Therefore, Ceylon Tea & Tourism are making a perfect partnership. With a rich heritage and a cultural mix distinctive to Sri Lankan tea production and breathtaking views at every turn,

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Turtle Hatchery

The sea turtles are one of the rare species found in the world. Their heritage could be traced to more than 100 million years. They are supposed to have lived during the Dinosaurs age. But at present about 8 varieties of turtles are said to be existing, constantly being threatened by human activities. Sea Turtles

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Whale watching

Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Whale watching is mostly a recreational activity, but it can also serve scientific and/or educational purposes.

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